Fathers Rights – Child Custody and Visitation Schedules

blgolfr-5316432What if there was a way for fathers to get a Fathers Rights Attorney, but one that worked for their specific situation. Did you know that fathers have more rights than mothers, and that even if they are not receiving child support, they can be ordered to pay spousal support if they are the subject of a paternity claim? If you do not have support, or if you are getting behind in child support payments, you may be able to eliminate the obligation to pay. This is called “custody and visitation,” and can be done through an intervention with the custodial parent. In many cases this is the best option for fathers looking to reclaim their children.


It is unfortunate that many men do not realize that they can work with a St. Louis Fathers Rights Attorney in Missouri, that will help them gain the most from their custody and visitation agreement. Many times, if the mother is unfit, or unwilling, to cooperate, the father is at greater risk of losing his children. However, it is the father who loses his children when he is abusive and does not follow visitation schedule, or if he refuses to provide child support. An experienced St. Louis lawyers can help fathers protect their legal rights and work towards the best possible outcome for their case.


If a father wants to protect his parental rights, and regain his parental rights, but is in financial trouble, there is help. A St. Louis lawyers can be used to help the father get his parental rights restored, and also help him with his child custody arrangements. Many times, the mother is unfit, or unable to pay child support. In cases like this, the court will order a temporary custody order that is supervised by a social worker and the court then makes the decision. The father can be given visitation rights, or the parents can make separate decisions. But, even if the custody is granted to the mother, a St. Louis father rights attorney can help the father gain his parental rights again.


Many times the custody dispute is caused by the actions of the other parent. If the mother is involved in abuse or neglect, or engages in criminal behavior such as spousal rape, the court will order a custody hearing and the father may be awarded full custody of the children. If neither parent presents proper proof of the parenting ability of the father, or if the court believes that the father is not competent, the father should seek representation from a St. Louis paternity attorney.


The St. Louis courts are designed to give the best interests of the child or children, and this decision will be upheld in court. If the mother is not cooperative, or fails to follow court ordered visitation schedules, the father should seek a consultation with a paternity attorney, and work out an amicable parenting plan. An experienced St. Louis paternity rights attorney will be able to represent the father and the best interests of the child or children.


The cost of legal representation is not cheap, so it is important to consider all aspects of the case before proceeding. You should find a St. Louis paternity lawyer who is committed to protecting the rights of the father and has experience in dealing with the St. Louis courts. By working together, the father and the custodial parent can establish a mutually beneficial arrangement for the children and establish a schedule of visitation.