Hiring IRS Tax Lawyer – How To Prepare For Your IRS Trial

If you have a lot of back taxes to worry about, and you don’t want to pay the penalties and interest, you will probably need the help of an IRS Lawyer. One who works in Tax Court, IRS Tax Attorney’s office might be able to help you out here. Some people don’t know that they have a local IRS Lawyer to assist them with their back taxes and the problems they face. The IRS has a few lawyers who work at their Tax Court in Washington D.C., but most of these lawyers are in San Francisco.


akgfzimIn Boulder, CO there is a Tax Relief Solutions, LLC. They are located at Suite 1010, Suite 1700, Boulder, CO. At first glance, this Boulder CO IRS Lawyer may not appear to be on the same level as the trial court judge or the appeals officer, but he is. He knows all of the rules and regulations, and he will fight for you. His experience working with tax appeals, and as a trial court referee will give him the knowledge that you need to win this case. Your only hope is to get a good tax professional to represent you in court.


One of the first places to check is the National Association of Legal Assistants. They have a list of all the attorneys in the Boulder area that can assist you with your tax return problems. To qualify for this list, an attorney may have to have been board certified by the National Association of Legal Assistants. This certification shows that he or she has received the best training possible in the field of taxation.


If you are having problems with the IRS, and you do not want to hire an attorney, you should call the tax court in Boulder to find out when they are scheduled to begin trial. The hearing will likely be set for a certain time, called an “opening”. You will then have to go before the judge and explain your problem before the trial can be scheduled. It is always better to be prepared than to be surprised!


Once the date for the trial has been set, it will be time for you to find a great IRS lawyer to represent you. Most tax law firms have a booking system where clients can create a list of their top choices for counsel. You can call the office and ask for a list of attorneys. The office staff will call back with a short list of lawyers to review with you. Then you will either choose from the short list, or you can continue to the next interview on the day of the trial.


If you are having a federal court tax issue, then it is best to have representation. This is why it is so important to find a federal courts tax law lawyer who specializes in tax litigation. Hiring a tax litigation specialist can make a huge difference in how your case is handled and how fast your tax issues are resolved. A tax litigation specialist has dealt with all types of tax issues and has extensive knowledge of the IRS.

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