Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Family law encompasses a vast array of issues that concern the legal responsibilities and rights of married couples. In particular, family law addresses issues that involve children or other relatives. Typically, family law deals with divorce, separation, adoption, annulment, alimony, child support, division of property, and other issues that involve relationships between adults and their family or friends. These statutes vary widely from state to state and navigating them frequently require the expertise and experience of an experienced attorney.


The Seattle area is home to some of the nation’s best divorce lawyers and law firms. A divorce in Seattle may require you to deal with the complications of incorporating two cultures, dealing with different laws and terminology, and coming up with an agreeable prenuptial agreement. A Seattle family lawyer will be well-versed in all of these issues. If you choose to file for divorce in Seattle, you will want to choose an attorney who has experience in the area. As the city is known for its liberal views on many issues, including marriage, divorce can be a contentious or even emotional process, so you will want an attorney who will aggressively represent your interests and fight for the highest level of fair compensation possible for you and your former spouse.


There are several common issues that arise when a couple chooses to file for divorce in Seattle. If either spouse feels as if the other has committed some act of adultery, the spouse may be able to use the words of the statute of limitations in the state in which the filing is taking place. If the respondent does not respond properly, the responding party may be able to file a counter-claim that names the responding party as a co-respondent. In response to this counter-claim, the other spouse may have to acknowledge their wrongdoing.


A Seattle family law attorney will know about the importance of preserving the assets of both spouses after the divorce has been finalized. Spouses have a lot of assets that will be transferred to the settling or administering spouse upon finalization of the divorce proceedings. In addition, one spouse may have access to bank accounts and/or other accounts that would be frozen during the pendency of the divorce case. An attorney will be well-versed in protecting any assets that are not easily separable upon dissolution.


Another family law issues that often arise after a divorce is the issue of child support. Depending on the details of the agreement that was agreed upon, each spouse may be able to collect certain amounts of money from the other. However, in some cases, especially those where the amount is below what the supporting spouse was paying, there may be an argument as to the proper amount of child support that should be paid. The family law attorneys for both parties will be well-versed in filing proper paperwork and responding to requests for additional assistance with child support. A Seattle family law attorney will know the best way to argue for either party in this area of the divorce proceedings.


Child support is just one of the many important issues that must be resolved in a Seattle family law divorce. If you have legal rights that were violated during the course of the marriage, an experienced attorney can help you obtain damages and even justice. It is important that you choose a divorce lawyer that will work with all of your interests in mind and not just your own. If you are unsure about how the court system will treat you and your legal rights following a divorce, contact an experienced Seattle family law attorney as soon as possible.

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